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Our most recent (2013) external review report said, “Graduate students of GMB are excellent by any criteria.  They are enthusiastic, successful, collaborative, and strongly positive about the program.”  The report also notes the excellent publication record and other achievement of our students.  The pages listed on the menu at left detail GMB students’ publications, awards, and other achievements, as well as a description of program requirements (including detailed written policies, as they become available) and useful resources.

Our students go on to productive and prestigious careers in diverse fields related to research. Please see the BBSP Alumni Careers Outcomes page for more information (be sure the select the Curriculum in Genetics and Molecular Biology PhD program).

 Current GMB Students

Name Contact Info Advisor(s)
Elizabeth Abrash

Mauro Calabrese

Cyril Anyetei-Anum

Dan McKay

Sam Ardery

Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena
Martin Ferris

Oscar Arroyo

Dan McKay

Daniel Babaki

Kevin Weeks

Kerstin Baran

Kathleen Caron

Ana Berglind

Shehzad Sheikh

Sam Boyson

Mauro Calabrese

Erica Branham

Sarah Linnstaedt

Jackie Brinkman

John P. Morris, IV

Aaron Chack

Chad Pecot

Yogitha Chareddy

Chad Pecot

Rachel Cherney

Mauro Calabrese

Lilly Chiou

Cyrus Vaziri

Jonathan Cohen

Jason Whitmire

Adriana Coke

Bob Goldstein & Christina Burch

Sean Connelly

Jon Juliano

Marta Cruz Cisneros

Mark Heise and Marty Ferris

Kit Cummins

Brian Strahl

Ian Curtin

Jason Stein

Evan Drage

Daniel Matute & Amy Gladfelter

Gaith Droby

Cyrus Vaziri

Rachel DuMez

Rob Dowen

Sharon Edmiston

Nancy Thomas

Alyssa Edwards

Dale Ramsden

Iman El-Shiekh

Gaorav Gupta
Dale Ramsden

Kevin Field

Ian Davis

Geoffrey Fox

Jill Dowen & Brian Strahl

Caroline Settle Fraser

Ian Davis

Mark Geisler

Bob Duronio

Gabrielle Gentile

Jimena Giudici

Riya Gohil

Jill Dowen

Alejandro Gomez

Hyejung Won

Brian Gural

Christoph Rau

Isabela Gerdes Gyuricza

Jonathan Parr

Clayton Harry

Bob Goldstein

Micah Hysong

Laura Raffield

Sean Johnson

Dan McKay

Fred Koitz

Kacy Gordon

Daniel Kolbin

Kerry Bloom

Benjamin Kornegay

Jill Dowen

Lynn Lerner

Gaorav Gupta

Sarah Lester

Samir Kelada and Karen Mohlke

Ethan Madden

Brian Strahl

Rami Major

Mark Zylka

Marielle Bond

Doug Phanstiel
Hyejung Won

Jessica McAfee

Hyejung Won

Jeanne-Marie McPherson

Bob Duronio
Dan McKay

Brandon Mouery

Jean Cook

Ryan Mouery

Mike Emanuele

McKenzie Murvin

Mauro Calabrese

Mohamed A. Nasr

Jeff Sekelsky

Jayna Nicholas

Laura Raffield and Karen Mohlke

Victoria Parsons

Karen Mohlke

Nila Pazhayam

Jeff Sekelsky

Gabby Puller

Pat Brenwald

Gabrielle Quickstad

Terry Magnuson & Karl Shpargel

Natalie Rittenhouse

Jill Dowen

Ryan Salcido

Mauro Calabrese

Priscila Santa Rosa

Jeff Sekelsky and Bob Duronio

Yibo Si

Henrik Dohlman

Noor Singh

Kacy Gordon

Mallory Sokolowski

Jesse Raab

Matt Stevenson

Lori O'Brien

Alexis Stutzman

Dan McKay
Jill Dowen

Rachel Szymanski

Frank Conlon

Karla Troncoso

Bob Duronio

Carolyn Turcotte

Jeff Sekelsky

Kylie VanDerMolen

Rob Dowen

Elyssa Vogt

Amy Gladfelter

Ying Wang

Pengda Liu

Isurika Weerasinghe

Charles Perou

Chloe Whitworth

William Polacheck & Victoria Bautch

Jingyu Zhao

Sam Lai