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Seminars by GMB students are held each Tuesday during the semester at 9am.  In Fall 2022 these talks are held in Pagano Room at Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.  To avoid disruption, please plan to arrive by 9am and stay for all talks.

Date Speakers Lab(s)
August 16, 2022 Tamara Vital
Matt Niederhuber
Ian Davis
Dan McKay
August 23, 2022 Hannah Wiedner
Matt Stevenson
Jimena Giudice
Lori O'Brien
August 30, 2022 Nisitha Sengottuvel
Jack Sanford
Chad Pecot
Yanping Zhang
September 20, 2022 Cyril S. Anyetei-Anum
Rachel Cherney
Daniel J. McKay
Mauro Calabrese
September 27, 2022 Meng Cheng
Sarah Brotman
Al Baldwin
Karen Mohlke
October 4, 2022 Carolyn Turcotte

Jeff Sekelsky

October 11, 2022 Victoria Parsons
Brandon Mouery
Karen Mohlke
Jean Cook