Stephanie Bellendir prepares to do some genetics.
Stephanie Bellendir prepares to do some genetics.

Thank you for your interest in the Curriculum in Genetics and Molecular Biology!  We are one of the top-ranked U.S. graduate programs in genetics and genomics.  We have strengths in a broad array of research areas, supported by state-of-the-art core facilities.  A diverse network of UNC centers, programs, and curricula promotes and facilitates exceptionally strong interactions among the faculty and students.

You can find additional information about our program requirements and accomplishments of our students in the GMB Students section.




Current BBSP or MSTP students that wish to select GMB as their PhD program

BBSP and MSTP students that wish to join GMB should apply as follows:

  1. Have your BBSP Thesis Lab Selection form signed by your advisor(s).  Your chosen advisor should be a member of the GMB faculty.

It is possible to join GMB and select and advisor that is not on the GMB faculty; however, this requires prior approval of the Executive Committee. To seek such approval, please submit a letter to the Director of Graduate Studies (Jeff Sekelsky) explaining why you wish to join GMB and how your proposed research fits the training mission of the GMB. The letter should be signed by you and your advisor(s). This letter will be circulated to the Steering Committee for discussion; a decision will be reported back to the student and advisor within a few days.  The same policy applies to students that have already joined GMB but need to change advisors – permission must be obtained to select an advisor that is not a member of GMB.

  1. Fill out the GMB_Student_Worksheet.

The courses section is the most important (MSTP students might not have much to report here; please do not list all your medical school courses).  Timing of the written exam and TA preferences can be discussed in the meeting with the Director.  You will email the completed form; you can fill it out using Acrobat (preferred, since this retains editing ability; please avoid the Mac OS editor, which makes pdfs unreadable on Windows) or you can print it and scan it.

  1. Look at the GMB Requirements page.

Note that for some requirements, including those most applicable to new students (exams, committees, etc.), there are links to detailed policy pages; it will be helpful to browse through these.

  1. Email the Director of Graduate Studies (Jeff Sekelsky) to set up an appointment. Please attach the completed worksheet (see step 2). Bring the signed BBSP Thesis Lab form (see step 1) to the meeting.

Students that hope to come to UNC for Graduate school

All applications by prospective students are done through the Biology and Biomedical Sciences Program (BBSP).  BBSP is a unified admissions and first-year training mechanism that spans 14 PhD programs, including GMB.  Students that enter through BBSP have a first-year experience that is both individually tailored (e.g., course selection) and structured to promote professional development (through First Year Group meetings) and selection of a dissertation research laboratory (through laboratory rotations and advising). Questions about admissions requirements should be directed to BBSP staff.