Our most recent (2013) external review report said, “Graduate students of GMB are excellent by any criteria.  They are enthusiastic, successful, collaborative, and strongly positive about the program.”  The report also notes the excellent publication record and other achievement of our students.  The pages listed on the menu at left detail GMB students’ publications, awards, and other achievements, as well as a description of program requirements (including detailed written policies, as they become available) and useful resources.

Our students go on to productive and prestigious careers in diverse fields related to research. Please see the BBSP Alumni Careers Outcomes page for more information (be sure the select the Curriculum in Genetics and Molecular Biology PhD program).

 Current GMB Students

Name Contact Info Advisor(s)
Robin Armstrong rarmst02@email.unc.edu

Bob Duronio

Nicole Arruda narruda@email.unc.edu

Jill Dowen

Rowan Beck rfbeck@email.unc.edu

Mirek Styblo
Praveen Sethupathy

Sarah Brnich sarah_brnich@med.unc.edu

Jonathan Berg

Sarah Brotman sbrotman@email.unc.edu

Karen Mohlke

Nolan Brown njbrown@email.unc.edu

Dorothy Erie

Gary Cantor gcantor@email.unc.edu

Bill Marzluff

Juan Carvajal Garcia jcarvaja@email.unc.edu

Dale Ramsden
Jeff Sekelsky

Meng Cheng meng93@email.unc.edu

Yue Xiong

Rachel Cherney rcherney@email.unc.edu

Mauro Calabrese

Philip Coryell pcoryell@email.unc.edu

Jeremy Purvis

Aaron Crain acrain@unc.edu

Bob Duronio

Clark Cunningham Clark_Cunningham@med.unc.edu

Jonathan Juliano

Nate Diehl Nate_Diehl@med.unc.edu

Channing Der

Julia DiFiore difiore@email.unc.edu

Brian Strahl

Lauren Donoghue ldonoghu@email.unc.edu

Samir Kelada

Phil Grayeski philip_grayeski@med.unc.edu

Kevin Weeks

Brea Hampton hamptb10@email.unc.edu

Mark Heise

Patrick Havlik havlik@email.unc.edu

Aravind Asokan

Kira Heikes kglynn@email.unc.edu

Bob Goldstein

Austin Hepperla hepperla@email.unc.edu

Ian Davis

Emma Hinkle emhinkle@email.unc.edu

Jimena Giudice

Charlie Hodgens hodgens@email.unc.edu

Joe Kieber

Michelle Hoffner michhoff@email.unc.edu

Shehzad Sheikh

Alison Homstad ahomstad@email.unc.edu

Folami Ideraabdullah

Lance Jubic lance23@email.unc.edu

Jeff Dangl

Megan Justice megannj@email.unc.edu

Jill Dowen

Rashmi Kumar rashmi_kumar@med.unc.edu

Gaorav Gupta

Jie Li jie1991@email.unc.edu

Greg Wang

Kendall Lough klough@email.unc.edu

Scott Williams

Megan Luedeman megan15@email.unc.edu

Dale Ramsden

Vicki Madigan vmadigan@email.unc.edu

Aravind Asokan

Rita Meganck rmeganck@email.unc.edu

Aravind Asokan
Bill Marzluff

Katie Metz ksmetz@email.unc.edu

Doug Phanstiel

James Meyo jameyo@email.unc.edu

Dirk Dittmer

Adele Musicant adelem@email.unc.edu

Tony Amelio

Dean Nehama dean_nehama@med.unc.edu

Barbara Savoldo

Matt Niederhuber mniederhuber@unc.edu

Dan McKay

Spencer Nystrom snystrom@ad.unc.edu

Dan McKay

Kia Perez-Vale kiakia@email.unc.edu

Mark Peifer

Hannah Perrin hjperrin@email.unc.edu

Karen Mohlke

Michelle Potter-Birriel jpotter2@email.unc.edu

Bill Marzluff

Amanda Raimer acraimer@email.unc.edu

Greg Matera

Ricardo Rivera-Soto rivera21@email.unc.edu

Blossom Damania

Jack Sanford jsan4d@email.unc.edu

Yanping Zhang

Nisitha Sengottuvel nisitha@med.unc.edu

Chad Pecot

Matt Stevenson stevensn@email.unc.edu

Lori O'Brien

Kandace Thomas kandacet@email.unc.edu

Mike Bressan

Eliza Thulson eann@email.unc.edu

Doug Phanstiel

Adelaide Tovar edialeda@email.unc.edu

Samir Kelada

Claire Trincot trincot@email.unc.edu

Kathleen Caron

Chris Uyehara cuyehara@email.unc.edu

Dan McKay

Courtney Vaughn Courtney_Vaughn@med.unc.edu

Aziz Sancar

Tamara Vital tvital@email.unc.edu

Ian Davis

Rebecca Watkins rebekahw@email.unc.edu

Jenny Ting

Hannah Wiedner hwiedner@email.unc.edu

Jimena Giudice

Josh Wooten wootenjs@email.unc.edu

Juan Song

Meng Zou mengzou@email.unc.edu

Chris Mack