Blossom Damania

Viral oncogenes, signal transduction, transcription and immune evasion of KSHV/RRV

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Jeff Dangl

Plant disease resistance using Arabidopsis, innate immunity and cell-death control. Plant genomics. Bacterial pathogenesis and genomics, type III secretion systems

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Sarah Grant

Plant-pathogen interactions with a focus on bacterial virulence

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Mark Heise

Genetics of Arbovirus virulence and immune evasion

OGE Mentor Training
Jonathan Juliano

Malaria drug resistance, diversity and population evolution

Celia Shiau

Function and development of macrophages and brain microglia; regulation of inflammation and innate immune activation; genetic, genomic, cellular, and imaging approaches.

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OGE Mentor Training
Lishan Su

T cells during normal and pathogenic hematolymphopoiesis

Ron Swanstrom

Retroviruses; molecular biology of AIDS virus

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Jenny Ting

Transcriptional regulation; inflammation and apoptosis; functional genomics; immunologic and neurologic diseases; chemotherapy; signal transduction and cell death

Ageliki Tsagaratou

Epigenetic and transcriptional regulation in T cell differentiation, function and disease.

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