Aravind Asokan

Synthetic virology and vector development for human gene therapy.

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Dirk Dittmer

Anti-lymphoma therapies

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Amy Gladfelter

Cell cycle control, cytokinesis, and cell shape determination from fungi to mammals

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Mark Heise

Genetics of Arbovirus virulence and immune evasion

Matthew Hirsch

Understanding the Host’s Response for Enhanced AAV Gene Therapy

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Tal Kafri

HIV-I vectors for gene therapy and functional genomic applications, and as a means to study basic HIV-1 biology

Jude Samulski

Development of virus-based delivery systems for use in human gene therapy

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Elizabeth Shank

Chemically-mediated interactions between microbes

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Lishan Su

T cells during normal and pathogenic hematolymphopoiesis

Ron Swanstrom

Retroviruses; molecular biology of AIDS virus

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