Jonathan Berg

Clinical adult and cancer genetics.

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Hector L. Franco

Molecular, cellular and bioinformatic dissection of the formation and function of transcriptional enhancers in cancer

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Matthew Hirsch

Understanding the Host’s Response for Enhanced AAV Gene Therapy

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Samir Kelada

Genetics and genomics of environmentally-induced asthma

Sarah Linnstaedt

Genetic and transcriptional mechanisms causing increased incidence of chronic pain and PTSD in women vs men following trauma exposure

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Karen Mohlke

Human genetics and genomics; diabetes; complex diseases.

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Doug Phanstiel

We employ cutting edge genomics, genome editing, and bioinformatics to characterize and functionally interrogate dynamic DNA looping during monocyte differentiation in both healthy individuals and in the context of human disease.

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Pat Sullivan

Complex traits in humans; psychiatric genetics, pharmacogenetics, schizophrenia, major depression, nicotine dependence

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Kirk Wilhelmsen

Genetic mapping, neurodegenerative diseases