Mauro Calabrese

Mechanisms of epigenetic regulation by long noncoding RNAs

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Jeff Dangl

Plant disease resistance using Arabidopsis, innate immunity and cell-death control. Plant genomics. Bacterial pathogenesis and genomics, type III secretion systems

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Jill Dowen

Three-dimensional genome architecture and gene regulation in development and disease

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Hector L. Franco

Molecular, cellular and bioinformatic dissection of the formation and function of transcriptional enhancers in cancer

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Zongchao Han

Genomic DNA transfer, drug-gene delivery and nanomedicine

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Samir Kelada

Genetics and genomics of environmentally-induced asthma

Terry Magnuson

Mammalian genetics; epigenetics; genomics

Daniel McKay

developmental genomics; regulation of gene expression

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C. Ryan Miller

Preclinical experimental therapeutics and biomarker research in gliomas

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Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena

Systems genetics, genetics of complex traits, meiotic drive.

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Chuck Perou

Genomic and molecular classification of human tumors to guide therapy

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Doug Phanstiel

We employ cutting edge genomics, genome editing, and bioinformatics to characterize and functionally interrogate dynamic DNA looping during monocyte differentiation in both healthy individuals and in the context of human disease.

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Jeff Sekelsky

Mechanisms of mitotic and meiotic recombination, double-strand break repair.

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Shehzad Sheikh

Seek to understand how information (specifically on genes that regulate response to the bacteria that normally reside in our intestines) is encoded and dynamically utilized in immune cells from healthy and disease prone intestines (The Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis).

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Celia Shiau

Function and development of macrophages and brain microglia; regulation of inflammation and innate immune activation; genetic, genomic, cellular, and imaging approaches.

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Lisa Tarantino

Genetic mapping of complex behavioral traits