Tony Amelio

cAMP Signaling, Gene Regulation, alternative splicing, Cancer Cell Biology, Optical Imaging

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Al Baldwin

Regulation of gene expression; control of oncogenesis and apoptosis.

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Kerry Bloom

Mechanisms of chromosome segregation in yeast; chromosome and spindle dynamics.

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Scott Bultman

Mouse models of human disease, chromatin-modifying factors, epigenetics

Mauro Calabrese

Mechanisms of epigenetic regulation by long noncoding RNAs

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Frank Conlon

Heart development, mesodermal patterning, T box genes.

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Blossom Damania

Viral oncogenes, signal transduction, transcription and immune evasion of KSHV/RRV

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Jill Dowen

Three-dimensional genome architecture and gene regulation in development and disease

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Bob Duronio

Gene expression and cell cycle control during development.

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Hector L. Franco

Molecular, cellular and bioinformatic dissection of the formation and function of transcriptional enhancers in cancer

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Jimena Giudice

Alternative splicing, epigenetic and intracellular trafficking in heart and skeletal muscle development and diseases

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Zongchao Han

Genomic DNA transfer, drug-gene delivery and nanomedicine

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Nate Hathaway

Mechanisms of mammalian genome regulation, chemical biology and drug discovery

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Folami Ideraabdullah

Genetics, toxicants and nutrition: Role of gene-environment interactions in epigenetic gene regulation during development

Sarah Linnstaedt

Genetic and transcriptional mechanisms causing increased incidence of chronic pain and PTSD in women vs men following trauma exposure

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Terry Magnuson

Mammalian genetics; epigenetics; genomics

William Marzluff

Regulation of RNA metabolism in animal cells

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Greg Matera

Mouse and fruitfly models of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

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Daniel McKay

developmental genomics; regulation of gene expression

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Doug Phanstiel

We employ cutting edge genomics, genome editing, and bioinformatics to characterize and functionally interrogate dynamic DNA looping during monocyte differentiation in both healthy individuals and in the context of human disease.

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Shehzad Sheikh

Seek to understand how information (specifically on genes that regulate response to the bacteria that normally reside in our intestines) is encoded and dynamically utilized in immune cells from healthy and disease prone intestines (The Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis).

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Brian Strahl

Histone modifications and gene regulation

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Jenny Ting

Transcriptional regulation; inflammation and apoptosis; functional genomics; immunologic and neurologic diseases; chemotherapy; signal transduction and cell death

Ageliki Tsagaratou

Epigenetic and transcriptional regulation in T cell differentiation, function and disease.

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Greg Wang

epigenetics, gene regulation, and disease, notably hematopoietic malignancies

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Buddy Weissman

Tumor suppressor genes; cancer genetics

Hyejung Won

We try to bridge the gap between genetic risk factors for psychiatric illnesses and neurobiological mechanisms by decoding the regulatory relationships in human brain. In particular, we implement Hi-C, a genome-wide chromosome conformation capture technique, to identify the folding principle of the genome in human brain. We then leverage this information to identify the functional impacts of the common variants associated with neuropsychiatric disorders.

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Yanping Zhang

Genetics and mechanisms of cancer cell growth and division

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