Charpentie Developmental Cell (2013)
Defects in development of the Xenopus vascular system when EGFL7 is depleted. Image: Marta Charpentier (Conlon lab), Developmental Cell (2013)
Victoria Bautch

Molecular genetics of blood vessel formation in mouse and zebrafish models.

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Scott Bultman

Mouse models of human disease, chromatin-modifying factors, epigenetics

Mauro Calabrese

Mechanisms of epigenetic regulation by long noncoding RNAs

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Frank Conlon

Heart development, mesodermal patterning, T box genes.

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Ian Davis

Mechanisms of transcription factor deregulation in cancer development

Bob Duronio

Gene expression and cell cycle control during development.

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Jimena Giudice

Alternative splicing, epigenetic and intracellular trafficking in heart and skeletal muscle development and diseases

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Bob Goldstein

Using C. elegans to discover fundamental mechanisms in cell and developmental biology

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Nate Hathaway

Mechanisms of mammalian genome regulation, chemical biology and drug discovery

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Terry Magnuson

Mammalian genetics; epigenetics; genomics

Daniel McKay

developmental genomics; regulation of gene expression

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Mark Peifer

Cell adhesion; signal transduction and cancer.

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Doug Phanstiel

We employ cutting edge genomics, genome editing, and bioinformatics to characterize and functionally interrogate dynamic DNA looping during monocyte differentiation in both healthy individuals and in the context of human disease.

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Celia Shiau

Function and development of macrophages and brain microglia; regulation of inflammation and innate immune activation; genetic, genomic, cellular, and imaging approaches.

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Scott Williams

asymmetric cell division in development and disease, epithelial differentiation

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