Drosophila melanogaster metaphase chromosomes. Photos by Sabrina Andersen (PLoS Genetics, 2011).

Research on Genome Stability

Shawn Ahmed

Telomere replication and germline immortality in C. elegans.

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Greg Copenhaver

Regulation of meiotic recombination in higher eukaryotes.

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Mike Emanuele

Cell cycle regulation by the ubiquitin system.

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Jack Griffith

HIV, transcription; electron microscopy

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Zongchao Han

Genomic DNA transfer, drug-gene delivery and nanomedicine

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Dale Ramsden

V(D)J recombination; DNA double strand break repair

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Aziz Sancar

Structure and function of DNA repair enzymes; biological clock

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Jeff Sekelsky

Mechanisms of mitotic and meiotic recombination, double-strand break repair.

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Ned Sharpless

Tumor suppressor genes, genetics of cancer and aging

Brian Strahl

Histone modifications and gene regulation

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Cyrus Vaziri

Integration of DNA replication and repair

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