S-phase destruction of a Drosophila cell cycle regulator. Image: Shu Shibutani, Duronio lab (Developmental Cell, 2008).

Victoria Bautch

Molecular genetics of blood vessel formation in mouse and zebrafish models.

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Kerry Bloom

Mechanisms of chromosome segregation in yeast; chromosome and spindle dynamics.

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Jean Cook

Regulation of DNA replication in mammalian cells.

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Greg Copenhaver

Regulation of meiotic recombination in higher eukaryotes.

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Bob Duronio

Gene expression and cell cycle control during development.

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Mike Emanuele

Cell cycle regulation by the ubiquitin system.

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Amy Gladfelter

Cell cycle control, cytokinesis, and cell shape determination from fungi to mammals

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Amy Maddox

the mechanisms of cell shape change

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Paul Maddox

Mitotic mechanisms and chromosome dynamics

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Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena

Systems genetics, genetics of complex traits, meiotic drive.

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Jeremy Purvis

Signal transduction in cancer and stem cells

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Steve Rogers

Functional genomics of cytoskeletal organization

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Jeff Sekelsky

Mechanisms of mitotic and meiotic recombination, double-strand break repair.

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Ned Sharpless

Tumor suppressor genes, genetics of cancer and aging

Kevin Slep

Regulators of cytoskeletal dynamics

Cyrus Vaziri

Integration of DNA replication and repair

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Buddy Weissman

Tumor suppressor genes; cancer genetics

Scott Williams

asymmetric cell division in development and disease, epithelial differentiation

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Yue Xiong

Cancer biology; mammalian cell cycle; tumor suppressor genes

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Yanping Zhang

Genetics and mechanisms of cancer cell growth and division

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