Director of Graduate Studies, PI of NIGMS T32 Training Grant

Jeff Sekelsky
Professor of Biology and Genetics
302 Fordham Hall
(919) 843-9400 phone

Questions about applying and admissions should be directed to BBSP.  Please also see the Prospective Students page.

Student Services Administrator

John Cornett
5009 Genetic Medicine Building
(919) 962-4728 phone
(919) 966-0401 fax

Business Manager

Cara Marlow
5011 Genetic Medicine Building
(919) 966-5002 phone
(919) 966-0401 fax

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee selects students for training grant appointments, evaluates and rules on students’ requests for exemptions to policies, evaluates faculty members for reappointment, participates in Steering Committee activities, and addresses issues of policy that are not appropriate for the entire Steering Committee, such as personnel issues. The Executive Committee includes the Director of Graduate Studies plus:

Samir Kelada, PhD, Assistant Professor of Genetics
William Kim, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine
Karen Mohlke, PhD, Professor of Genetics
Daniel Pomp, PhD, Professor of Genetics
Scott Williams, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee establishes program policies and evaluates new faculty applicants. It consists of the Executive Committee and two student representatives. The current student representatives are:

Nate Diehl, MD-PhD Student (Channing Der lab)
Spencer Nystrom, PhD Student (Dan McKay lab)