GMB Graduate Student Talia Hatkevich Receives Magnuson Award at the Spring 2019 GMB Retreat in Wilmington, NC

The Curriculum in Genetics and Molecular Biology (GMB) is an interdepartmental PhD program whose mission is (1) to train students from diverse backgrounds to earn a PhD in the fields of genetics, genomics, and molecular biology by guiding them through the acquisition of essential elements of the PhD, including responsible achievement of significant original research; and (2) to provide opportunities for learning about the breadth of careers in research and research-related fields and acquiring the skills and experiences that will facilitate the transition into such careers.

We train outstanding students to be creative, sophisticated research scientists.  Our students have excellent publication records and are successful in obtaining grants and winning regional and national awards.  NIGMS highlighted our program for its “notable record of diversity recruitment and retention”.

The research interests of the faculty span a broad range of topics, from model organisms genetics to clinical and translational research; quantitative genetics and complex traits to virology and plant genetics.

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Lauren Donoghue selected to attend Leena Peltonen School of Human Genomics program

Lauren Donoghue (Samir Kelada lab) has been selected to attend the Leena Peltonen School of Human Genomics program in Switzerland in August. Graduate and postdoctoral trainees gather with leading experts in the field for interactive discussions and presentations on cutting-edge topics in human genetics and genomics. Participants also receive one-to-one mentoring on areas of professional development in genomics.

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Kale Hartmann and Talia Hatkevich publish article in Genetics

Kale Hartmann and Talia Hatkevich (Jeff Sekelsky lab) published an article titled   Problems and Paradigms review titled “Meiotic MCM proteins promote and inhibit crossovers during meiotic recombination.” in Genetics (DOI: 10.1534/genetics.119.302221). Image:Schematic of meiotic MCM protein structures; see article for details.

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Lauren Donoghue receives DeLill Nasser Award

Lauren Donoghue (Samir Kelada lab) was selected for a DeLill Nasser Award for Professional Development in Genetics from the Genetics Society of America. Talia will use the award to travel to the Drosophila Research Conference where she has been selected to give a talk.


Please also see our page on Awards to GMB Students.

Brea Hampton awarded HHMI Gilliam Fellowship

Brea HamptonBrea Hampton (co-mentored by Mark Heise and Marty Ferris) was selected to receive a Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The goal of the program is “to increase the diversity among scientists who are prepared to assume leadership roles in science, particularly as college and university faculty.”

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